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You have been in your home for over 10 years and the time has come to make a decision or should I say an investment. When you moved in the appliances were new as was the furnace and water heater, but in the past few years, your equipment has become obsolete, eclipsed by modern energy-efficient appliances. As you take stock of the situation, you realize that your energy bills are on the verge of out of control and it is time to establish cost certainty in your energy budget, if you are going to stay in your current situation. After weighing the pros and cons of purchasing another home or upgrading your current residence, the upgrade was the most prudent course of action. Appliances upgraded, check, new furnace and water heater, check – next up new windows, not so check. Replacement windows were a bridge too far when you first started contemplating it, but after some research, you discover that windows made of vinyl might be just the solution you are looking. When you have made the informed choice for vinyl windows, call us at AM Window & Door Solutions for your replacement windows upgrade made of vinyl. We have the best supplier of vinyl windows in the country and they come from Vinylbilt Windows and Doors, a Canadian company that has years of experience manufacturing state-of-art windows to meet all that Mother Nature has to throw at them.

When you compare prices for windows, one thing stands out, the price of vinyl windows is just so much cheaper than other options. And when you are looking at an upgrade for replacement windows for your home you can experience savings in the thousands of dollars by choosing vinyl windows for your home. It sounds a little dodgy at first when you say that vinyl windows are for people on a budget because windows weren’t something to be scrimped on. Costs don’t determine value, what costs indicate is the price to manufacture and install vinyl windows and because it is cheaper to manufacture vinyl windows it means that the costs for replacement windows are reduced substantially.

One of the first things people think about when they gear up for a windows retrofit in their homes is energy efficiency. That’s half the reason they replace the windows in the first place because they are leaking heat in the winter and cool air in the summer that drives an energy bill sky high.

Statistics from studies in energy conservation have indicated that heat loss is as high as 40 per cent when you have old windows in your home and the corresponding costs are indicative of poorly sealed windows. If your windows are more than 10 years old, then they were manufactured without conservation or insulation measures built-in.

Over the long haul, replacement windows made of vinyl will provide cost savings that are directly recouped through reduced energy bills. So it starts with reduced costs to purchase vinyl windows then when you factor in the savings from the replacement windows upgrade, you win twice. Not to mention the savings over time will defray the initial costs of the purchase and installation of your new vinyl windows. Another benefit that isn’t mentioned but should be is the increase in equity your home will accrue through the retrofit for vinyl windows.

Certainly, vinyl windows sound like the next big thing and skeptics will always question he benefits and advantages of vinyl windows over other products but that is when an educated consumer if the best customer at AM Window & Door Solutions.

What it comes down to is this: Why spend money you don’t have to on a product that will cost more and do less than a vinyl window?

Vinyl windows meet or surpass other windows like fibreglass and wood and the reduced costs in comparison to these types of windows is a large divide.

Why vinyl windows, why not

  • Vinyl windows are made from polyvinyl chloride (PVC) and are the best product available that creates a high degree of energy efficiency for a homeowner. The proof for this claim is the R-value that vinyl windows have. The R-value is an important factor when measuring energy efficiency because it measures the resistance to air passing through the window and PVC is unmatched for its’ ability to block air infiltration into a home.
  • Vinyl windows are simple and easy to install and when a certified professional assumes responsibility for the installation and it can happen in a relatively short time period.
  • The best part of vinyl windows is all the options that you enjoy when choosing colour, sizes, and styles of windows to match your home. Windows have never been considered a design accent until vinyl windows became an integral part of a home’s décor adding life and vibrancy to a home’s exterior.
  • Vinyl windows are durable, maintenance free and built to last – three things every homeowner is looking for when they take on a home renovation project that they are investing a few thousand dollars in. Vinyl windows are stain free, UV resistant and will not scratch, and that creates a set-it and forget-it scenario for the vinyl windows you purchase.
  • Another of the many benefits that vinyl windows provide is peace and quiet. Higher R-vales means better insulation and with it, the insulation not only keeps heat in and our but it will repel noise too.

At AM Window & Door Solutions we would like to extend any homeowner an invitation to meet with us so we can show you the benefits that vinyl windows have. Call us today to book your personalized consultation that comes with no obligation and free estimate at 877-281-6900