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Window & Door Repair

Looking for a way to upgrade your existing windows and doors or have an emergency repair? AM Group Exteriors are experts in window and door repair to ensure that you can get back to loving your home.


How does it work?

Initial Contact
and Assessment

Once you reach out to AM Group someone from our team will schedule a convenient time for a representative to visit your home to assess the repair needs.

On-Site Inspection

A representative from AM Group Exteriors will visit your home to inspect the window or door in need of repair. During the inspection, the representative evaluates the extent of damage, identifies any underlying issues, and takes measurements as necessary.

Discussion of Options

Our representative discusses repair options with you, explaining the available solutions and their respective costs. They may offer alternatives such as repairing the existing window or door, replacing certain components, or installing a completely new unit if necessary.

Cost Estimation
& Quotation

Based on the assessment and your preferences, our representative will provide a detailed cost estimate for the repair work. The estimate typically includes labor costs, materials, any required permits, and additional charges such as disposal fees for old materials.


What Can You Expect?

Commencement of Repair Work

The repair work begins according to the agreed-upon schedule.

Progress Updates

Throughout the repair process, we will keep you informed of progress and any unexpected developments, ensuring constant communication with our team.

Completion and Final Inspection

Once the repair work is finished, you conduct a final inspection with the company representative to ensure satisfaction and any remaining payment is made.

Follow-Up and Warranty

AM Group Exteriors will provide any warranties or guarantees available on the repair work.


Have a Question?

Is it time to replace my windows?

There are several signs that your windows may be nearing the end of their lifespan and need replacing.

  • Age: Generally, windows over 25 years old are due for an upgrade.
  • Performance: Difficulty opening or closing, excessive fogging or ice buildup on the inside panes, drafts, and air leaks all indicate potential problems.

Do you offer a warranty on your windows and doors?

We stand behind our products and offer a lifetime warranty on all windows and doors! Learn more about our warranties.

What makes your customization options different?

By manufacturing our windows and doors in our facility right here in Ontario, we have complete control over the customization process. This allows us to create unique solutions that perfectly match your design preferences and functional needs.

Can new windows lower my energy consumption?

Absolutely! Modern windows are designed for energy efficiency. Tight seals and advanced materials help keep your home comfortable and reduce heating and cooling costs. Upgrading to new vinyl windows will see a number of benefits:

  • Vinyl windows won’t warp, so the seal’s integrity remains intact, reducing energy loss.
  • Vinyl never needs painting and resists discoloration, maintaining its beauty over time

Will new windows filter out UV rays that fade furniture and hardwood floors?

Yes! We offer two options to protect your furniture and floors from UV rays:

  • Low-E Coating: This invisible coating on the window panes blocks up to 50% of UV rays.
  • Laminated, Insulated Glass: This option provides even greater protection, reducing UV penetration by up to 99%.

What kind of warranty does AM Group Exteriors provide for skylights?

New skylights come with their own warranties, providing additional coverage alongside your new roof warranty. This ensures double protection for your investment.

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