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In our climate here in Ontario, basically anyone who is planning on replacing their windows will have to decide on whether they want the triple, or double pane option. Though the majority of Canadians will require triple paned windows to meet the standard for energy efficiency in their area.

That being said, double paned windows can be equally as effective if installed correctly with the proper accompaniments. There are upgrades available to increase the effectiveness of both double and triple paned windows. While some contractors will include these upgrades in their initial standard cost, some may charge extra for them.There is a reason as to why these accompaniments are important. In most multi paned windows, the glazings are combined to form what is referred to as an insulated sealed unit, or sometimes a ‘glass unit’. This sealed piece is almost like a small window inside of the larger, actual window. When these panes are sealed together it is possible to fill the space between with a gas that will aid in its ability to be energy efficient. Helping to improve the overall performance of the window. The material used to hold the panes of glass together, is just as important as the efficiency of the sealed unit. This material is known as a spacer.

Spacers were traditionally manufactured using metal or aluminum materials. These types of spacers were far more conductive to energy than the spacers used in more modern window panes. The polymer foam used in todays window panes are far less conductive than the metal materials, resulting in a better and more efficient window.

Windows installed with metal spacers also tend to have an issue with condensation. Foam on the other hand can absorb the moisture that collects around the edge of the window, preventing it from pooling in the corners and along the glass seal. Foam also helps to regulate the temperature within the window itself, preventing the build-up of moisture, resulting in a view without obstruction.These foam Super Spacers can help to significantly decrease the amount of energy loss that occurs through your windows. By choosing a Super Spacer, you can improve the ability of your windows to conserve energy by up to 20%

Yet another upside of foam spacers, is their ability to absorb sound. While noise reduction isn’t usually something that most homeowners consider in terms of their windows, it can become quite apparent that vinyl windows do not provide the same level of soundproofing as the aluminum windows did. Although it is not the foam itself that provides the window with its noise reducing capabilities, it is used in sealed soundproof units to improve the noise reduction ability. Regular household windows can benefit from foam spacers just as much as soundproof windows do.

What sets these foam, or polymer spacers apart from their metal cousins, is their flexibility and ability to breathe. This matters, because as the temperature outside rises and falls, your sealed window panes will expand and contract. Having a spacer material that can expand and contract along with the sealed unit will help to prevent the ‘stress fractures’ that can occur with the use of metal spacers. These cracks can result in a failure of the entire window unit. Use of the Super Spacer material will ensure that your windows will not crack, therefore maintaining the seal and preventing further damage.These foam super spacers not only improve the efficiency of your window, but they can also ensure that the life span of your windows is extended. Many companies within the province will provide a valuable warranty on insulated windows that contain foam Super Spacers. This warranty will far exceed those offered for sealed units that contain metal spacers.

/services/replacement-windowsWhen interviewing potential window contractors, it would be in your best interests to enquire about which spacers come standard in each window package. There are of course, some companies that offer this Super Spacer in their double and triple pane window, standard packages. Some window companies will only offer the Super Spacer at an additional cost, as an add on. And more still who prefer to continue with the use of metal spacers.

Research is key in ensuring that the quality of material and installation is what you expect. The quality of the glass seal that you receive will determine the level of energy efficiency and performance of your new windows. A proper seal will ensure a durable construction, and a long life expectancy for your window system.