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commercial exteriors

Your Trusted Partner for Commercial Exteriors

AM Group Exteriors is your one-stop shop for comprehensive exterior new builds, renovation and maintenance services for industrial and commercial builders and property managers. We offer a wide range of solutions to ensure the functionality, durability, and aesthetic appeal of your properties.



Delivering Exceptional Results for Your
Commercial Projects

At AM Group, we’re committed to giving back to the communities we serve. We support local charities, participate in community events, and believe in building a stronger Ontario, one family home at a time.


Tight Deadlines & Budgets

Our size allows us to leverage economies of scale to offer competitive pricing on materials and labour.

Finding Qualified & Insured Professionals

Safety and quality are paramount. You need a team with a proven track record and the necessary certifications. We offer superior warranties on all our work, giving you peace of mind and long-term protection for your investment.

Juggling Multiple Projects & Vendors

Having a single dedicated account manager for all your exterior needs streamlines communication and simplifies project management.

Unexpected Repairs & Emergencies

24/7 Emergency response and solutions are essential to minimize downtime and disruption.


Our Experience

We know commercial building projects and property management come with unique challenges. Our large workforce of highly skilled and certified professionals ensures efficient project completion with the highest quality standards.

Apartment Buildings

Office Complexes

Retail Spaces

Agricultural Buildings

New Residential Construction



Delivering Exceptional Results for Your Commercial Projects

Roofing Services

A properly functioning roof is essential for any commercial property. We offer a comprehensive range of roofing services to meet the unique needs of your buildings, from preventative maintenance to complete roof replacements.

Services include:

Commercial roof inspections, repairs, installations and replacements including flat and metal roofing materials

Preventative maintenance programs

Building envelope services

Windows and Doors

AM Group Exteriors offers a comprehensive selection of high-quality windows and doors to elevate your property’s beauty, energy efficiency, and security. We provide expert installation services to ensure a seamless and flawless finish.

Services include:

Window installation, replacement and repair with various materials like vinyl, fibreglass, etc

Door installation and replacement with various materials


Upgrade your home’s exterior with our wide range of siding and exterior renovation services. We offer various materials and styles to enhance the aesthetic appeal of your property while improving energy efficiency.

Services include:

Siding installation, repair, and replacement


Proper insulation is crucial for maintaining a comfortable indoor temperature and reducing energy bills. We offer a variety of insulation solutions tailored to your specific needs.

Services include:

Attic insulation installation with spray foam, blown-in, etc

Exterior Services

A well-functioning eavestrough system and beautiful soffit and fascia are essential for protecting your home’s foundation and enhancing its overall appearance. We offer expert installation and repair services for all your exterior needs.

Services include:

Eavestrough installation and repair

Soffit and fascia installation and replacement


Have a Question?

What types of commercial buildings does AM Group specialize in?

AM Group has extensive experience in constructing a wide range of commercial buildings such as apartment buildings, office complexes, retail spaces, new residential construction and more.

We can tailor our services to meet the specific needs of your project, regardless of size or complexity.

What is the most common industrial roofing membrane?

EPDM, a rubber roofing system ballasted with gravel for drainage, is the most widely used industrial roofing membrane. It offers excellent durability and performance.

What are the benefits of TPO roofing membranes?

TPO (Thermoplastic Polyolefin) is a relatively new and cost-effective option for industrial roofs. It’s gaining popularity due to its energy efficiency, which can potentially reduce a company’s energy bills.

What are some new eco-friendly roofing options?

Traditional felt paper and tar are being replaced by environmentally friendly options like rubber membranes. These membranes offer superior durability and are more sustainable choices for industrial roofing.

What are some signs my roof needs attention?

There are several warning signs that your industrial roof may need repair or replacement. These include:

  • Surface deterioration: Blistering or bubbling tar indicates potential leaks and compromised waterproofing.
  • Drainage issues: Standing water on your roof suggests clogged drains or compromised slopes that prevent proper water flow.
  • Exposed underlayment: If the gravel layer protecting your roof membrane becomes thin or patchy, the underlying materials are exposed to harsh elements.
  • Soft roof surface: A spongy feeling under foot when walking on the roof can indicate moisture buildup or deterioration of the roofing material.
  • Membrane curling or peeling: This signifies issues with older layered roofing systems that may require complete replacement.

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