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Hassle-Free Insurance Claims

Since 1956, AM Group Exteriors has been the restoration contractor that Ontario residents trust for timely, hassle-free repairs. Dealing with insurance claims after exterior damage to your home can be overwhelming. Here at AM Group Exteriors, we understand the challenges you face:

  • Complex paperwork and procedures
  • Uncertainty about the insurance claim process
  • Finding a qualified contractor to complete repairs
  • Ensuring a fair settlement to cover the damage


Here’s How We Help

We take the stress out of the insurance claim process by acting as your advocate and guide.

Accurate Inspections
& Estimates

Our experienced team will thoroughly assess the damage and provide a detailed, accurate estimate for repairs.

Communication with Insurance Companies

We can work directly with your insurance company to ensure a smooth and efficient claims process.

Superior Documentation

Upgrade your home’s exterior with our wide range of siding and exterior renovation services. We offer various materials and styles to enhance the aesthetic appeal of your property while improving energy efficiency.

High-Quality Repairs

Our skilled professionals will restore your home to its pre-damage condition using top-quality materials and workmanship.

Warranty Options

We offer industry-leading warranties on our work, giving you peace of mind and long-term protection.

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