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A very popular trend today is cottage owners converting their three season vacation properties into four season getaways. After years of enjoying summers at their cottage location, and with no longer a need to be near a city for work, when it comes time to retire, a logical and very economical choice for many is to convert that property for winters and move in year-round. Another popular trend is cottage owners deciding they also want a winter get-away as well, especially if the cottage has nearby winter sports activities. In order to make this leap, a cottage owner needs to winterize. The first stage of winterizing a property is to consult with a local professional insulation company and come up with a customized plan. The first work stage of the plan would be to remove all existing insulation (if any) and begin anew with a high-quality insulation product. The best solution for this is spray foam insulation.

Here are some of the pluses and the process when insulating with spray foam insulation:

  • It is both a vapour barrier and a high R-value insulation in one, which is very economical.
  • It can also be installed without the costly expense of removing walls and ceilings. 
  • The main areas of a cottage to apply spray foam insulation would be the exterior walls, ceilings, crawl spaces, around windows and doors, and of course attics and under rafters.
  • As hot air rises, a focus on the attic area will save the homeowner a lot. Properly vented attic areas will circulate heated and cooled air, which in turn substantially reduces the home’s energy bills. Also, when an attic is properly sealed with no heat escaping, this will prevent any ice build-up on the roof area, also known as “ice dams.”
  • When properly installed and vented, spray foam insulation creates a customized insulation fit that is second-to-none. 
  • Because it begins in liquid form, spray foam is famous for its ability to seal cracks and gaps and conform to unusually sized spaces. The result is a very strong and durable airtight seal. 
  • As cottages are more often than not in waterfront and lake areas, moisture is something that needs to be considered. In summer months, when there is not a big difference between the indoor air and outdoor air in a cottage, condensation is not a big worry. However, in winter months, with the cottage now being heated, the superior airtight seal of spray foam insulation is a must. 
  • Because spray foam is unaffected by water, it helps keep moisture out and both heated and cooled air in, making the home a much more comfortable environment.
  • Because of spray foam insulation’s chemical make up, it’s very important that the product is professionally installed. It’s definitely not a recommended project for the weekend DIYer. 


At AM Insulation Solutions, all of our skilled technicians are certified in the handling and installing of spray foam insulation. With over 60 years experience in the field, we’ve very confident in our ability to winterize any cottage property and create a comfortable year-round home. Call us today for a free estimate.