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Feel free to reach out to us via email, phone, or through the contact form below.877-281-6900

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Window Cladding

Window cladding refers to a protective covering or layer applied to the exterior of windows. It serves as a shield against environmental elements such as rain, wind, and UV radiation, prolonging the lifespan of the window frame and improving energy efficiency. Cladding materials commonly include vinyl, aluminum, fiberglass, or composite materials, providing both durability and aesthetic appeal to your windows.


Window cladding offers several benefits

Benefits of
Window Cladding

Window Cladding at AM Group Exteriors offers several benefits to make your home long-lasting and more efficient.


Enhanced Durability

Cladding provides an extra layer of protection to window frames, shielding them from weathering, corrosion, and damage caused by environmental elements such as rain, snow, and UV radiation.

Improved Energy Efficiency

Cladding helps to insulate windows, reducing heat transfer between the interior and exterior of the home. This insulation can lead to lower energy bills by reducing the need for heating and cooling.

Reduced Maintenance

Cladding materials are often low-maintenance and resistant to rot, mold, and pests, requiring less upkeep compared to bare window frames. This can save homeowners time and money on maintenance and repairs over the long term.


Types of Projects

Exterior Home Renovation

Renovating the exterior of your home may include adding cladding to existing windows to improve their appearance and protect against the elements.


Enhancing the weather resistance of your home may involve retrofitting existing windows with cladding to improve insulation and protect against moisture infiltration.

Historic Home Restoration

Restoring a historic home often requires preserving original window frames while adding cladding to enhance their durability and energy efficiency without compromising their aesthetic appeal.


Have a Question?

Is it time to replace my windows?

There are several signs that your windows may be nearing the end of their lifespan and need replacing.

  • Age: Generally, windows over 25 years old are due for an upgrade.
  • Performance: Difficulty opening or closing, excessive fogging or ice buildup on the inside panes, drafts, and air leaks all indicate potential problems.

Do you offer a warranty on your windows and doors?

We stand behind our products and offer a lifetime warranty on all windows and doors! Learn more about our warranties.

What makes your customization options different?

By manufacturing our windows and doors in our facility right here in Ontario, we have complete control over the customization process. This allows us to create unique solutions that perfectly match your design preferences and functional needs.

Can new windows lower my energy consumption?

Absolutely! Modern windows are designed for energy efficiency. Tight seals and advanced materials help keep your home comfortable and reduce heating and cooling costs. Upgrading to new vinyl windows will see a number of benefits:

  • Vinyl windows won’t warp, so the seal’s integrity remains intact, reducing energy loss.
  • Vinyl never needs painting and resists discoloration, maintaining its beauty over time.

Will new windows filter out UV rays that fade furniture and hardwood floors?

Yes! We offer two options to protect your furniture and floors from UV rays:

  • Low-E Coating: This invisible coating on the window panes blocks up to 50% of UV rays.
  • Laminated, Insulated Glass: This option provides even greater protection, reducing UV penetration by up to 99%.

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